If you can manage to get up after all that Turkey Day feasting and back out after all that shopping, then the movies may be calling! There are some interesting flicks out you may want to catch!

For a movie for the family, check out 'old Dogs', which stars John Travolta, his real life wife Kelly Preston, Robin Williams, Seth Green and Bernie Mack and several other Hollywood celebrities. It's the story of best friends who are living the high and single life, when one of htem finds out he's the father of 7-year-old twins! He's forced to play the role of 'dad', but he makes a lot of mistakes before he figures it all out.

For the film for the date, it's 'The Road', but don't expect an optimistic holiday movie theme with this one. The world as we know it has come to an end and few people have survived. Viggo Mortensen stars as a desperate father who is trying to make it down the coast to warmer weather, and hopefully an easier life. But it won't be an easy journey as other remaining humans are willing to resort to cannibalism to make it even another day.

And finally, the movies that are out on DVD this weekend. Four Christmases, Santa Buddies and Imagine That were all movies you might not have wanted to spend money on when they were in theaters. But if the idea of fighting the mobs and going to a mall theater is not your idea of relaxing over the weekend, then popping in one of these DVD's may be the perfect night in.

If you're one of the brave ones willing to fight the mobs and take on the parking lots to see a flick, one way you can save some time is to purchase tickets online.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!