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Oh the dreaded 'Elevens', the frown lines in between your eyebrows that look like you're permanently scowling.  Dominique Keel desperately wants to get rid of them; she's even prepared to go under the knife!  She says, "I just pretty much want to look younger and not look angry all the time."

Botox has been the solution for years, but it can have some scary side effects.  Dr. Jeffrey Caruth says, "People with Botox tend to get more of a frozen look and not a natural look, where with this, they can still use their muscles but it's more of a relaxed look." 

It's called 'Relaxed Expressions' or 'No Tox' and Dr. Caruth says it's the new wrinkle prevention, without the chemicals.  He says, "I think you just get a better result with this; you get a more relaxed result and a consistently good brow lift with this procedure as compared to Botox."

In traditional Botox, the doctor is chemically relaxing the nerves; it lasts about three months, but this new procedure, Relaxed Expressions, the doctor is physically paralyzing the nerve, and it lasts about a year and a half. 

He starts by finding where Dominique's nerves are that cause the frown, then he goes back in with a radio frequency sensor to damage the nerve with heat.  That keeps Dominique from using the muscles until they grow back.  He says, "The muscles are contracting, stimulating the nerve; eventually they'll stop." 

You only need local anesthesia and the entire procedure takes about an hour. Dr. Caruth says, "When she frowns, you can see there's very little motion of this muscle that causes the frown line."  Because this is a more intense procedure than Botox, make sure you're going to a licensed and trained cosmetic surgeon, and know your risks, like more severe nerve damage. 

But Dr. Caruth insists the procedure is safe, "Even if you damage a nerve you don't want to damage, it's going to regenerate, it's not going to be permanent." 

For Dominique, it was well worth it.  Before you saw her scowl, and now her forehead is smooth. 

And what about the price tag?  It's about $1500, compared with Botox, which runs around $300 a pop, per area. 

Oh, the price of beauty.

Before and after pictures:
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After 1

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