Three weeks ago, 79-year-old Dolores Grissom reported to Dallas Police that her air conditioning unit was stolen from her Oak Cliff home.

Two days later, Grissom was found dead inside her home. A Dallas County Medical Examiner later ruled the death as heat-related.

Grissom's neighbor, Tiandra Jones, said, "Pretty much known her all my life. It's a big house, basically a two-family house, so I can imagine how the heat that accumulated in the house with no air."

Dallas Police Department's Kevin Janse said AC unit thefts are not a new crime.

"You take an air conditioner out of a house or an apartment, a person`s not going to be able to live there long," Janse said.

Neighbors said that air conditioning unit thefts are a common crime in the Oak Cliff area. In fact, they say the air conditioning unit on Grissom's home was stolen twice.

Janse said, "These criminals, they think they`re just stealing an air conditioner for reuse or for the metal, but what they`re doing is putting someone`s life in jeopardy."

Grissom's neighbors said the person who committed this crime should not only be charged for the property theft, but also for the death.

Jones said, "I think they should be charged with murder. The whole situation happened, because they stole her air conditioning. So, who knows, if they had never stolen her air conditioner, she may still be here to this day."

Dallas Attorney Bretty Myers said the criminal could be charged with negligent homicide, in which case it would need to be proven that the person should ahve been aware of the risk.

According to Myers, the danger in the theft was clear with all the national attention the North Texas heat wave has received.

"I believe they could successfully convince a jury that this is something that we all should have been aware of and certainly should have appreciated the risk - certainly someone stealing an ac unit from an elderly woman," Myers said.

Neighbor Jessie Terrell said, "The death ended up as a result of the AC unit not being there. And, if someone stole the air conditioning unit, they should be held responsible."