Meet Marcus Hill. The young college graduate is ready to enter the workforce. He's smart, but his phone is something else.

"I don't have a smartphone mainly because I have a tendency to break my phone and lose it a lot", Hill said.

He uses a simple flip phone. He can make calls and send text messages, but that's about it. His phone has become a punch line for his friends.

"They like to clown on the phone pretty bad but I'm kind of like, whatever", Hill said.

Hill is among a shrinking number of cellphone users who don't have smartphones. A recent survey by Neilsen found more than 50% of all new cellphones purchases were smartphones.

It's a trend seen by AT&T -- one of the largest carriers. The popularity of the iphone is pushing more customers to smartphones.

"Obviously we've got the need in our personal lives for access to things such as email, internet websites, social networking" said AT&T representative Robert Gonzalez.

And it's not just the big companies. Boost mobile is seeing the same trend.

"More of the younger crowd, they're more attracted to sleek the better looking phones, phones that can pretty much do what your computer can do", said Eloy Morales of Boost Mobile.

Morales says he think the standard phones will eventually be phased out. But for now, they still sell.

"Some people like simplicity better. The more mature crowd they want to stick to something that does what they want it to do; call on the phone, simple text as simple way. That's it", Morales said.

As for Mr. Hill, he says he gets it and he will get a smartphone.

 "I think I'm going to get an iphone 5 because they have that otterbox thing and pretty much I hear you can't break it", Hill said.