If you went to bed early last night, you missed quite an ending.  

“Dirk and Jason Kidd dominating the last of Game 4 last night, as Mavs win it in OT, 112 to 105 to take a three to one lead in the series,” said Jasmine Sadry on 105.3 The Fan. 

Some listeners calling in and texting to The Fan admitted that once the Mavs were losing by 15 points, their TV was shut off.

“I get all these text messages and Twitter alerts saying, ‘Dude, wake up.’  You’re missing the best thing ever,” said one caller. 

But those who stayed up or woke up, witnessed a nail-biting win. 

“I’m surprised I have any cuticles or fingernails left.  I was biting my nails to the flesh,” said Sadry. 

“That [game] was pretty damn incredible,” said RJ Choppy of The Fan. 

Whether you call is a Mavs comeback or an Oklahoma choke, Dallas is one step closer to the Finals.

“As soon as they [Oklahoma] gave up that 15 point lead, you knew it was done in the extra period,” said Shan Shariff of The Fan. 

If I were them, I would have just saved gas, saved money, and stayed up there and call it a series, it’s over, it’s over,” said Choppy. 

The night wasn’t over for many fans after the game; some die-hards converged at Love Field to welcome their team back home.  

“We are definitely in Mavs Town right now,” said fan Andrew White. 

And while there was a hint of pessimism with fans early on (blame 2006), fans are becoming more and more optimistic as this series comes to a close. 

“We’re gonna win it, no question about it,” said White. 

“They’re going to the finals!  They’re going to finals,” said Choppy. 

The Mavs could wrap up the series Wednesday as they take on Oklahoma at the American Airlines Center.  Best advice, don’t go to bed early.