He's the hunky star who's role on Hellcats is getting him noticed by TMZ and teenage fans everywhere. But who is Matt Barr?

We talked to him before an event at Gilley's Dallas, when he was in town. Here's what we talked about:

Roni: You are a local boy, how did you go from Allen, TX to LA and what have you kept about your Texas roots? Matt: I have my boots, I still have my car, I drove my Jeep Wrangler from Texas to LA and I symbolically still drive around

Roni: What gave you the acting bug? Matt: I grew up doing theater in Allen and stuff for the Dallas Theater Center, Dallas was sort of a great playground for me

Roni: Why are you in town? Matt: We're at the Big D Opry tonight and my little brother Luke is the MC. I just love supporting Texas artists because I'm a loud and proud Texan Luke Barr: It's a fantastic country music showcase, we have talent coming in from all over the country

Roni: What are your favorite places to eat when you're in town? Matt: Samui's Thai in Addison and Lefty's Lobster House in Allen.

Roni: So let's talk about Hellcats and your character and Savannah and where your relationship is in this role Matt: I play this local Dan Patch who's this local dock worker who's born and raised in Memphis. Since Dan and Marti have kind of crossed the line, the intimate line, Dan is going to struggle with this guilt. He's still with Savannah, but has feelings for Marti and I think he's going to have to decide to give Marti an ultimatum

Roni: What's going to happen for the rest of the season and what can you give away? Matt: he's going to further purse his feelings for Marti, and I can't promise it's going to end well, but it gets a little messy