Who is the celebrity entertainer we all wish we had on hand to answer questions about the holiday? Martha Stewart of course! And she is in town to talk to us about Thanksgiving

We think we're busy around the holidays! Martha has a show on the Hallmark Channel, a magazine, Martha Stewart Living, and now a new book she's promoting, Martha's Entertaining, a Year of Celebrations.

Martha says, "It is the kind of follow up, 30 years after, of my first book, entertaining. And this one os personal, all the parties were my personal parties and the recipes are delicious."

This week she's taking time to celebrate Thanksgiving, with a new addition, a grand daughter.

Roni: I have a 10-month-old your grand daughter is 8 months old. How do you manage to have a fun Thanksgiving but it still manage to be an elegrant affair with a little one running around? Martha: We're going to have a gorgeous table and wonderful food and baby Jude will just be part of it

Roni: What is your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving and what cocktail will you be drinking? Martha: This year we have a great cocktail, it's called apple cider bourbon sour. I like the first slice of the breast meat of the turkey with the skin, I take the whole side

Roni: And what about leftovers, do you have any tips for how to really mazimize your leftovers? Martha: Turkey sandwiches, of course. Lots of stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Roni: What is the question you get most about Thanksgiving? Martha: How can they have a crisp turkey, how can they have a golden brown turkey?

If you missed her book signing, but still have a question for Martha, her Thanksgiving hotline show will be aiing on Wednesday at 10am on Hallmark.