It’s the typical way most people sell their homes; list it with a real estate agent, put a sign in the yard and hope the offers come in.

But that is not the way Scott Miller marketing his home to potential buyers.

"I started thinking if I could really sell my house myself that would be kind of an interesting thing ", Miller said.

Miller is a licensed real estate broker, but he's not going the traditional route to sell his home in University Park.  There is no "for sale" sign in the yard.

He's advertising the home on Craigsist and waiting to see how close potential buyers will come to his $349,500 asking price.

"I walked out Friday morning and there was this lady in my front yard going we're coming to the sale do we need to bring money", Miller said.

This is just one of the strategies miller picked up from the book: "How to sell your home in 5 days". He's only scheduled two open houses and potential buyers can only tour the house during the time frame he's set before making a bid. The goal is to get the highest number of buyers in the house in the shortest amount of time.

Donna Weyand is looking to buy this neighborhood is a perfect fit.

"We loved this neighborhood from the first day that we got here because of tall the children and, of course, the proximity to the school", Weyand said.

And she's not put off at all by the bidding process.

"Today's market calls for untraditional ways of selling and I think for most people, paying a realtor for something that you could possibly do yourself", she said.

So far, it's working.  Miller has had the house on the market for two days and already has several bids.

"I think it could change the way people sell their houses in America because it puts the sales process in the hands of the owner", he said.

Anyone interested in seeing the home should call Miller at 214-258-8771.