The top-ranked Prestonwood Christian School Lions are taking on San Antonio Central Catholic Saturday afternoon in the regionals.

Prestonwood senior Jason Posphical has enjoyed playing public schools. "We've had success against all the public schools, so teams can't say that 'Oh, you've played just a bunch of private schools, there is nothing there.'"

There is definitely 'something there.' The lions are hard to miss. They have been ranked number one in division one tapps.

Prestonwood Coach Brad Freeman said "The only thing that does is put a target on our chest. Everyone just wants to knock us off."

Lion's player Zach Peters said the team tries not to look at the rankings because that usually "gets in your head." But Peters thinks the team deserves to succeed and will continue to work hard toward the championship.

With the success that this team has had, one might think that they were stacked with seniors, but in reality they only start one senior. Prestonwood's two superstars are a freshman and a sophomore.

"We've always been a young team that's had success. And that's what everyone has been raving about -- how we're going to be good for the next four years," Posphical said.

Coach Freeman said that some mistakes are made because the team is so young, but the older players have shown a lot of leadership.

Even though the Lions are a young talented team, it's their chemistry off the court that's helping the lions dominate on the court.

"This team -- probably more than any other team that I have had, enjoy being together, enjoy hanging out together, and that just makes everything on the floor that much better," Coach Freeman said.