The Susan G. Komen race for the cure--synonymous with pink ribbons and breast cancer.

Two professors at Dartmouth Medical School now claim that Komen ads appearing magazines last October implied that skipping mammograms is harmful.

In short stating "the five year survival rate for breast cancer when caught early is 98%,”  “When it's not, 23%."

Critics say the five year numbers are easily manipulated and distorted.

The study opinion appears the British Medical Journal.

Komen official Chandini Portteus responded via email.

"We have long advocated for women to be informed about the benefits and risks of early detection and treatment,” Portteus said. “We encourage women to work with their healthcare providers to find out what's right for them."

Dr. Audrey Graham is an OB/GYN at Forest Park Medical Center—she said Komen has done a great job raising breast cancer awareness but agrees that the benefits of mammograms may be over stated.

"Some of the masses that we detect may not go on to cause such serious breast cancer or may not metastasize,” Dr. Graham said. “There is a question that maybe we're over treating some patients."

We usually talk to both doctors and patients but for stories like this--but today we only needed Dr. Graham.

"I've had all the appropriate screening and I'm currently being treated for breast cancer, Dr. Graham said.

She was diagnosed in March and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and will soon undergo a double mastectomy and then radiation.

Mammogram guidelines were questioned in 2009 when studies found they may find tumors that may never turn into cancer.

Doctor and patient graham has been there and done that.

"I've had five breast biopsies since the age of 30,” Dr. Graham. “That actually caused some scaring and hard to do breast exams on."

Dr. Graham says she's not taking sides in the dispute and believes the conversation is healthy a healthy one.

"This could raise awareness;” Dr. Graham said. “Think it could be good for both sides."