I met Hayden in 1999 at a friend's house after work one day. We had been such good friends for so long, we decided to make it official and begin dating. Our first date was July 15, 2006 at Lushaj's Pizza in Euless.

I wondered how it would go. Will he treat me like a buddy as usual? Or will he open my door and pay? I believe that the difference between this date and other dates was that Hayden actually knew me.

There was no first date awkwardness and it was amazing. We had great conversation; we had tons in common, the same friends, and most importantly the same family values.

After dating for 9 months, I received devastating news. My endometriosis had been upgraded to severe stage IV, and I needed to have a hysterectomy or try for a baby that I had less than a 1% chance of having. There was no other option. I had been told for so long that this day was coming but had no idea it would be this soon.

I came home and talked to Hayden. Told him what was going on and asked him how he felt about it. He told me that he loved me with his whole heart and he did want a family. I asked him if he was willing to start trying and he said yes!

We moved in together and not long after, he had asked my parents for my hand in marriage. Of course they said yes!!! They were thrilled that I had found the love of my life!! He hadn't asked me yet and was waiting for just the right time. In the midst of trying to get pregnant, we ran into complications that involved major surgery that depleted any and all money we had set aside for a wedding.

The blessing came soon after though. After 2 years of trying to get pregnant, and my percentage being so small, we found out in October of 2008, that we were going to be parents. Our miracle had finally happened!! Dylan Cash was born in June of 2009, and is the absolute love of our lives.

He is amazing and brought the two of us closer than I ever thought two people could be. We have thought about going to the Justice of the Peace, and we have tried to save up to get married. We just have not been lucky enough to save any money to do so. Every penny we save goes to medical bills or our regular expenses.

Now, I am staring a hysterectomy in the face and we want to get married. We just don't think we will be able to considering the fees from the hospital. We want to make it legal. We want our son to be proud of us and know that we decided to have him first and get married second because we just knew that God was going to bless us with him.

More than anything, I want everyone to know what this man has done for me, how he has transformed me into the woman I am today, and how he has become the man he is now. I have never known someone who has told everyone about me before going on a first date. He tells people that what he loves best about us is our long talks.

He calms me down when I'm upset and I do the same for him. We constantly push each other to strive for something bigger. We have both advanced so much in our careers since being together and that is so encouraging. I love having someone there to have my back all the time. To top it off, he is an amazing father.

He loves our son more than life itself and I just can't imagine being anywhere else other than right by my boys. If I had a perfect proposal, I can see us being at my grandparent's house at Lake Whitney, watching the sunset on the deck. Hayden and I bundled up together freezing like the first time we ever went down there together, and him telling me that he is in love with me and has been since he was 17 years old.

Then he will pull out a ring or no ring for that matter, and ask me to be his wife. All we want is to marry our best friend. How cool would it be to hang out with your best friend for the rest of your life? I can't think of anything better. Thank You!!