Carlos De La Cruz bought his first gun several months ago. The husband, father and new homeowner wanted to protect all of the above, fearing more crime in these trying economic times. He says, "When you lose a job, a lot of people lose their minds and they are desperate to do whatever it takes to bring something home."

Dave Martinez says the bad economy has shot up gun sales 50-80% in recent months at Uncle Dan's Pawn Shop in Dallas. He says, "In one week we've ordered 6 handguns. And they're all gone. In a matter of one week. Everyone in general is just looking for a handgun."

Federal law requires would-be gun owners to undergo a background check before buying a firearm. The FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System has processed 8.1 million requests in the past 6 months. That's a 27% hike from 6.3 million requests the same period a year before.

More guns on the streets concerns anti-gun Marsha McCartney, president of the North Texas Brady Campaign. She says, "After 9-11 we saw a spike like this and several children lost their lives because parents didn't store them properly."

Dallas' DFW Gun Range and Training Center is seeing not only a 55% increase in gun sales, but a record low inventory. Joe Elledge says, "We get very small allotments at a time, we typically used to do a mass order per month, but our suppliers can't handle that right now."