Nestled at the end of the Shops at Legacy in Plano is Jasper's, a gourmet restaurant focused on new Southern cuisine. And I'm sure you are thinking it's a high priced meal, but you can actually get a gret deal!

We went into the kitchen with Chef Aaron to learn about their 4 course, $35 dinner. You get four courses of smaller portions, that range from braised pork, to ribs, beef, and fish and shellfish, and finish with a decadent dessert.

Here is what we made and how Aaron describes the food:

Roni: When I think of a tasting menu, I think of really tiny portions and a really expensive price tag. Aaron:Well when you're talking about ours, you're taking about $35, you're talking about 4 courses, and no one gets to leave the restaurant unless they're full

Aaron: The first dish we're making is the ancho baby back ribs, slow cooked on oak and hickory grill, basted with ancho chili sauce. Like our whole chickens, the ribs develop a rich, smokey flavor. We're just going to pop these guys on the grill.

For every good piece of meat, you have to have a good side. We're doing a baked potato salad, it is a full loaded baked potato, chopped up and put in a bowl. This is sour cream with a little black pepper and chive 06:15:38 this is apple wood smoked bacon. Just a touch of aged cheddar cheese

Aaron: Next is the shrimp and corn grits. Wrapped in proscutto, they're pan fried and sauced to decadent perfection and served in a crispy tortilla cup with the signature corn grits. And then we take all that sauce made from pan drippings and those vegetables and this goes over the top.