This year, that Thanksgiving meal won’t even be able to settle before it’s time to go shopping on Black Friday.  It’s the day many dread, but will still go out anyway.  

For Black Friday 2011, local stores will open even earlier. 

“We get up about 4:00 in the morning,” said Kevin Canida of Dallas.    

Getting up at 4:00 is not going to cut it this year as many stores, including Best Buy, will open at midnight, Thanksgiving night. 

“Oh wow, it’s getting earlier and earlier every year,” said Nick Flores of Dallas. 

After lackluster television sales for 2011, expect some great deals on new tubes come the holiday shopping season.

“We’re definitely going to have some incentives on our larger TV’s,” said Jordan Schott of Best Buy.   

Best Buy won’t release specifics, so I did the digging for you. 

So how will the prices go at Best Buy?  According to, a 42” Sharp TV will sell for $199.99. 

Target will offer a 46” Westinghouse for $298 and Walmart has a 40” Emerson for $248.  For the cheap folks, Best Buy will offer a 24” Dynex for just 80 bucks.  All are Doorbuster sales and all three stores open at midnight. 

And it’s the first time Best Buy will be open for 22 hours straight.  Expect many of the early bird shoppers to go straight for the amazing deals on TV’s. 

Before you head out on Black Friday, or in this year’s case, Thanksgiving night, take a deep breath and be patient. 

“The excitement is going to be there regardless, it’s just the anxiety level is higher,” said Canida. 

Happy Shopping!