Scott Cannon, a Duncanville, Texas City Councilman, resigned Friday after he was arrested by Dallas police Thursday for indecent exposure.

A spokesman for the Dallas Police Department said undercover officers were conducting a vice operation at the 24-hour King Spa on Royal Lane Thursday, when they said they observed Cannon, “engaging in an act that constitutes indecent exposure.”

Cannon was arrested and charged with a Class B misdemeanor, later released on $500 bond, according to police.

On Friday, Cannon resigned from his Duncanville City Council position.  In a letter obtained by the Duncanville Voice, Cannon said "It has been my pleasure to serve my district, as well as the entire City, over the last nine years," but made no mention as to why he was resigning.

Cannon was in his fifth term representing District 2 on the Duncanville City Council.

On Saturday, CW 33 News went to Cannon's home to ask him about the arrest and resignation, but no one was home.  Cannon's stepson showed up minutes later and CW 33 News told him about the arrest and resignation.

"Yeah, I mean, it's surprising, but other than that, I don't have a relationship, so it's not, I don't know,” said John Collins.

Collins, who is a Marine visiting for the weekend, couldn't say much about his stepfather.

"I was going to surprise mom and stop home and say hi, so, it's kind of weird,” said Collins.

Cannon's neighbor, Joseph Lewis Duncan, praised the former councilman.

"He's a nice guy.  He's a nice guy, do anything for you he can,” said Duncan.

Duncan said Cannon was also a good neighbor.

"He's always helping me, doing things for me, because I'm an old man.  But I ask him to help me and he calls to check on me and [my] wife all the time,” he said.

Duncan was disappointed to hear that Cannon had resigned from the City Council.

"He does a great job.  He's a good man,” said Duncan.

Political strategists CW 33 News spoke with were not surprised that Cannon's constituency was caught off guard by the news.

"We're always blinded by trust.  That's the thing that happens to Americans all the time,” said Camara Clifton.

Clifton said the immediate resignation was a sign that Cannon did not want to remain in the public light.

"He probably just wants to take care of his legal issues, keep his family insulated and let someone else have his council seat,” she said.

CW 33 News checked the Dallas County public records and found that twice in 1982 Cannon was arrested for public lewdness. The first charge was dismissed.  Cannon pleaded guilty to the second charge.

CW 33 News also reached out to the mayor of Duncanville and several council members.  Many did not return our calls and those that did were not interested in making an on-camera comment.