Trying to find the best prices on the web can often be a painfully tedious process. With prices changing up to seven times a day, it's hard to stay up on your game.

Enter Digital Folio, the new tool that helps you find the best deals on the web. Not only can it price compare and but it can also track the price of your most desired products.

As a browser plug-in, Digital Folio's "intelligent shopping list" can be ever-present as you surf the web. Find a product you like? Drag-and-drop it into your list. From there, Digital Folio will compare the cost of the item at different stores, offer you a price history and keep you updated when the price changes.

Your list can also be shared with friends and family. They can watch the price trends along with you and add their own suggestions.

But let's say you don't have your heart set on any one item yet, and you're trying to narrow your options. For that, you can "compare on the fly." For instance, if you're interested buying a camera but don't know what kind, you might pull up the list of top-selling cameras at Best Buy. Digital Folio will then generate its own matching product list that shows you the cost of each item at each retailer.

Digital Folio currently works with Internet Explorer on Windows and Firefox on Windows and Macintosh. As of now, you will need relatively current versions of both the browsers and the computers' operating systems. So far, the major retailers Digial Folio has partnered with are Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Sears. Shoppers are able to compare items in 13 categories, all of them electronic products or appliances.