Deion Sanders is forming eight children's football teams that will compete in the Dallas Select Football League this fall.
All eyes are on 'Neon' Deion Sunday afternoon as he and his team of coaches enter the Cottonbowl. On the field hundreds of boys are working hard to be noticed by the NFL legend.
Applicants came today with skills. Titus Foster says, " I play wide receiver, quarter back, running back, all those types of running and catching plays."
On the field its all about discipline. The kids go through several drills including one where they're supposed tackle the quarterback.
Mykael McCory says, " It wasn't hard, you just have to hit the dummy as hard as you can and go full speed."
The guys say the drills are hard, but 'Prime Time ' is watching! some say they've been training for this for years.
Deion says, " We believe in hopes man we want to keep these dreams and hopes and desires alive. Academics are prevalent."
The kids have to have at least a 'B' average and in the classroom and have a plan for the future.
City leaders on hand love the whole program.
Councilman Tennell Atkins says, " When they leave tonight they'll get a good nights sleep, so therefore they got no time to get into trouble because they tired."