Baseball, it's a game made for fathers and sons. Timothy Pope is here with his son hoping to catch a foul ball or home run and stay safe while doing so.

 "We got the glove so we can catch the balls so they don't get hit. And we're staying away from the rails so we're good there", said Pope.

 It was a father's good intentions that didn't end so well.  Shannon Stone fell over a railing Thursday night at Rangers Ballpark while trying to catch a ball that had been thrown to him. He later died.

 At the same ballpark Friday night, a woman was hit by a foul ball. a ball she probably never saw coming.

 These are not isolated incidents. Over the years there have been numerous incidents where fast moving balls have gone into the crowds hitting fans or fans rushing to get the ball and falling. Some have resulted in injuries and deaths.

 "The balls come our way. I mean we buy the tickets. We come to the games, we just assume the risk", said Charles Thomas.

 That risk is printed on the back of the tickets. And in most cases you don't have legal recourse if you're hurt. So it’s up to you to ensure your own safety and those you're with especially children. First you have to understand there is a danger.

 "We were actually talking about it on the way over about if the bat breaks or something and flies into the stand or if the ball's going crazy", say Jon Bryant.

 Also be aware that others around may too aggressive trying to catch a ball and may injure you in the process.

Pay attention to railings and what’s beyond them.Also look for seats behind netting. It provides some protection from items flying into the stands.