Dallas police say 37 year old Brian Smith, a former Utah State Trooper is responsible for at least one of the shootings on 635 Monday night. Police say ballistic tests show the gun he used to try shoot himself following a standoff with police early Tuesday morning, is the same gun used to kill truck driver William Miller..

"That through an initial analysis of the ballistic we have determined that the bullet that was used in that situation with Mr. smith also matched the description of the bullets that are going to be used on 635."

Police believe the shooting spree started in Garland at about 5:41 PM where a man in a Nissan car was shot and killed while parked in the 11 hundred block of Jupiter. Minutes later more shots were fired at a truck driver on in the 11 thousand block of 635, at the Jupiter road exit. Then at 5:48 PM, a couple miles away on 635 between Miller and Skillman, 42- year old William Miller was shot and killed in his big rig. Then seconds later, more shots are fired on 635 just past Skillman road, injuring the driver of another big rig. Then the break in the case, Brian Smith, wanted on a robbery warrant in Southlake shot himself after a standoff with police.

The shooting spree had drivers like Barton Damer on edge.

"It's one of those things that you really don't want to get into your car after you pump you gas, having no idea if that person is going to continue this."

Police say that's why they wanted to let the public know they believe they have their man.

"But we feel that as a police department to let the citizens of our city know that at this time we don't feel there is a threat and that people don't need to be concerned about being on the freeway."

As of Tuesday night, Smith was in critical condition at Parkland Hospital.