For Plano East, pep rallies are always something to look forward to. Not only does it raise the morale of the team, but it also gives the students a chance to unite as one and to show what school spirit really is.

"The atmosphere of the gym is so exhilarating," senior Iris Chang said. "I get goose bumps every time we start screaming and cheering. It's definitely an uplifting moment." The class shout is one way that the student body participates. This year, the seniors won as the juniors seemed confused.

"A pep rally is the best way to get pumped for the game," senior Lauren Wallis said. "There's nothing better than an early morning morale boost and some friendly competition."

The performers experienced a different kind of feeling as they showed off what they learned.

"It's a really special experience and it's really exciting," junior and Golden Girl Margie Krempein said. "It's where we show off what we've worked so hard for.

This first pep rally started the season against Arlington. The entire community of east Plano is very dedicated to the football team.

"I love the first game because everyone starts to become unified by the rush of football season," senior Grace Hardigan said. "Friday Night Lights are a way for all of the East Cluster kids to get together and cheer on the team."

The band works hard to perform during the pep rally, but still have the time to be silly.

"The pep rallies kind of give the band a chance to show off the work we've done on stand tunes," senior Amelia Windsor said. "We also goof around a lot. I feel like the band is the center and beginning of the spirit we all show. The music is deep in an energizing kind of way."

The cheerleaders performed their routines with a lot of enthusiasm. Not only are they working for the community, but also for their self-satisfaction.

"It's really exciting," senior Harmoni Tarpley said. "We work hard for weeks on our routines. When we perform it and every stunt hits, we get a major sense of satisfaction."

The team is affected strongly by how much support they receive from not only the school, but also the community.

"It really shows me our school spirit and how much support our football team has," senior James Saulnier said.