It’s game time at Cowboys Stadium and the show on the world’s largest center hung high definition 1080p video board rivals a Hollywood production.

 “The screen has become the crown jewel of the stadium and we try to live up to it,” said Dallas Cowboys Director of Broadcast Engineering Dwin Towell

Production Manager Matt Coy checks the audio and goes over song selections for the in-game entertainment.  He says it’s all about the show.

“You’re coming to the game but you’re getting that added experience that you’re coming to a movie theater almost.” said Coy.  “You have the biggest screen in the world.”

The giant control room looks over the field through about six huge panels of glass. There are 28 different camera sources around Cowboys Stadium ready for a live feed at any second.  A wall of monitors flashes images from the locker rooms, the cheerleaders, and the fans.  The big board Cowboys Vision Broadcast Center is state of the art.  More than one hundred people are involved in pulling off this production.  Cowboys Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says the mission of the team and the big board is to make this the most entertaining show in the NFL.

“That was Mr. Jones vision with the big board in the first place,” Towell says.  “He wanted it to be entertaining.  He wanted to give every fan a good close seat to the action.”

It’s hard not to stare at it during most of the game no matter where you are sitting.

“When this stadium was built we wanted it to be another wonder of the world,” says Cowboys Director of Broadcasting Scott Purcel.”

The Mitsubishi Diamond Vision has 30-million high definition light bulbs and it stretches from 20-yard line to 20-yard line.

 “This screen has such an overwhelming presence,” says Director Terri McCormack.  “I mean honestly, when you’re here even if you’re on the sideline you’re looking up.  It has such a presence.”

The staff says every show seems to get bigger and over the top just like Jones wants it.

“I do say that every game is a Super Bowl here and it really almost is,” said Coy.

How bout that big screen!