My name is Corrie Donovan (24), and I am currently with the love of my life, Kasey Gandy (28).  We are both natives to Fort Worth, and we have been together now for about nine months.  Kasey is a Fort Worth fireman, and I am an opera singer and I received my Undergraduate degree from TCU, and I am currently getting my Masters in Music from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. 

Our story and lives are unique to say the least.  We met at the beginning of June last summer, but I had to leave about a week after meeting him because I was singing Juliette in New York for two and a half months.  We refer to it as love at first sight.  We had an instant connection, and while most would have walked away, we continued talking everyday after only hanging out three times before I left. 

Over those two and a half months we were forced to get to know one another over the phone, and we fell in love.  We became each others best friends, and it has been incredible ever since.

We both share many passions in life such as a deep love for music, traveling, the outdoors, and our friends and family.  Kasey has climbed Kilimanjaro and will be doing Aconcagua this coming January with other fireman friends and I will be debuting with the Fort Worth Opera Festival this coming May. 

While growing up traveling and climbing the highlands in Scotland with my father every year, I too love the extreme and we are hoping to summit Rainer and Denali in the next five years.  Together, and with a few of his other friends, we stay active doing lots of cross-fit, biking, and really anything that gets us moving and outside.  Also, we love ice climbing, rock climbing, sky diving, and living life to the fullest.

We are both passionate, optimistic, outgoing, and loving people who are deeply committed to one another.  At this point, I am preparing to finish my masters while trying to find a good job in the arts that will allow me to keep singing and performing.  We talk about marriage all the time, and we have looked at rings together a lot. 

We will be going to Napa Valley and San Francisco for Valentines day, but I don't think he will be proposing then.  We also might be going for a tour of the National Parks in Arizona and New Mexico with my family over spring break, and who knows that could be a time, but I doubt it.  This is because we are trying to plan to go to Costa Rica for my graduation, our one year anniversary, and to celebrate my first main stage role.

  I think this would be the MOST romantic and prime time to propose, but I don't want to jinx myself.  I think about being on the secluded beaches of that country and how beautiful it would be if he were to propose to me then. 

However, I am trying to save money because I am currently living in Dallas and he is in Fort Worth, so we are wanting to move in with each other and I will have loans to pay off, so I don't know if it will work, but I am hopeful that it will. 

 If not in Costa Rica, I would be happy any where, because really I care more about getting to marry him.  Maybe on an early morning in his apartment, out in a park, at the top of a mountain bike trail, or somewhere outdoors!