If you've been to a concert lately then you may have noticed that tickets are getting more expensive and harder to purchase in person these days. The industry is being dominated by brokers on the internet.
  When Brittany Spears dallas show sold out in hours, you could still get tickets online. And as box office tickets to Fleetwood Mac's Dallas date continue to dwindle, private brokers are still going strong.
  Metrotickets is one of five private brokers in Dallas. Owner David Christopherson sells the best seats at concerts and sporting events rubbing shoulders with Jamie Foxx, and Gwen Stefani. he says buyers at the box office don't stand a chance anymore. He says, " We've had them for years and years and years and the seats that we have as a result are better than you'd probably be able to get."
  Brokers like him usually get premium tickets from season passes on all events at all venues every year. they get them before you ever have a chance too and they sell them at higher rates.
  Christopherson says, " Its just like a car or anything else, anything that's for sale, you can sell it for whatever your price is."
  Sometimes the prices are actually cheaper than the box office. Giovanni Zavala bought his Mav's tickets online.
He says, " Today I got twenty dollars less than what actual face value was worth."
  Owners here at Metro tickets admit there are times when their tickets have additional fees, but they say in general concert tickets and sporting events have gotten more expensive.
  Still brokers are legal according to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. The agency also keeps a close eye on them. But, as long as they don't scalp tickets or try to sell them on someone else's property, it may be unfair, but not illegal.