For the second straight year Doritos let viewers create their own ads, and they were very succesful.

Doritos' house rules commercial is ruled most succesful by Tivo. It shows a young boy laying down the law to his mom's date.

And another consumer favorite is Betty White getting sacked by a bunch of football players in an ad for Snickers.

Another ad that stole the show is Letterman, Leno, and Oprah watching the game.

Letterman supposedly called Oprah who jumped in immediately and Jay Leno said he had to conceal his identity before he filmed the segment.

However, not all commercials were that popular. Hulu's viewers' statistics show the Skechers, Go Daddy, and Motorola adds were disliked. Their viewers most dislike Tim Tebow's commercial, which drew a lot of controversy before the game.