Divas from all over the world will be taking over the fashion scene in Dallas with at least one thing in common. Super Bowl is quickly approaching and if you’re a total bagsnob like me, carrying the right bag to the game is essential! Tina Craig of Bagsnob takes us to the one and only Neiman Marcus to pick out that perfect bag! Wondering which bags are the hottest among the celebs? “The number one bag designer right now for celebs is Proenza Schouler. They are Hot!” says’ Craig.

What’s our most popular bag this season? “Well there is no bigger bag trend than the cross body bag. That is the one bag you must have,” says Tina.  What’s a cross body? It’s basically bag with a strap that crosses your body. This is essential for flexibility and keeping those hands free for cheering. Tina say, “Well the thing with sports events you know you’re gonna be wearing your jeans, you’re kind of casual. You can wear a sweatshirt. Where you can show your chicness and style is with your bag.”

No fear ladies, if you’re a super Diva and can’t live without super luxe then maybe this $13,000 Gucci bag will quench your thirst. “For our super snobs that are going to visit Mr. Jones in his owner’s box they must have a Gucci Alligator Bag,” laughs Tina. Whoa!! Ok that’s not the majority of us! Looking for something more cost friendly?

Tina says, “We have this fabulous Kooba, fun trendy bag, because money is not indicative of good taste. So you can have a great bag for $245. Again, it’s the cross body style.” Not looking to spend any money on a new bag? There’s a solution for that too! “If you have a clutch at home that’s a little bit structured and you have a scarf, you can make your own shoulder bag or cross body bag without shelling out 5 to $800 for a new one,” showed Tina. Whether you’re spending over 10 grand or simply recreating something you already have, the perfect handbag is sure to make your outfit the clear winner.