Chris Thomas is the executive director of the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas. Seeing this iPhone application for the first time has him very worried.

“I would be fearful of a young person being exposed to this,” says Thomas.

Some locals we talked to say the app is freedom of speech, but it's the organization behind the application that bothers them the most.

“So, the application, whatever, but as far as the ministry they do, I don’t believe in the ministry,” says Jason O'Neill, a member of the gay community.

Patrick Lanham agrees with his friend, saying, "I think anytime you try to tell somebody not to be true to themselves it’s detrimental. I think at all costs, you have to be true to yourself.”

But in a recent interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Jeff Buchanan with Exodus International says the controversy over the app shows a lack of tolerance for diversity.

Buchanan goes on to say, “What we’re wanting is simply the right and the opportunity to be able to have a diverse voice and have an equal representation on the iTunes platform and within Apple for biblical sexuality.”

But many people in the gay North Texas community say you simply cannot change who you are, and gays should embrace their sexuality.

“Personally, I would like to see it taken off. Or at least would very much like to see people ignore it. And simply not use it,” says Thomas.