"I don't see anything here that needs to be changed," says Facebook user Tara Wood. The SMU Music Education major likes Facebook just the way it is, with one exception.

"I'm all about getting it done, being fast, being quick because you always have something else that's coming up," says Wood.

Changes are coming soon.
Beginning next Wednesday, the popular social networking site will have a new home page that lets users receive continuous updates from their friends instead of every 10 to 15 minutes.

Page Leahy says, "More direct contact with others is going to be something that the younger generation is going to really tap into."

Facebook is also adding filters so you can choose which friends to keep up with, without "de-friending" annoying acquaintances.

Ricky Townsend says, "Okay I twittered right when I left for college because I had all these feelings like oh I'm leaving my friends."

Perhaps taking a cue from Twitter the service that lets people express themselves in 140 characters or less, Facebook's new question will be "what's on your mind?"

Townsend is also a faithful Facebook user and says, "I can creep on people see who my ex-girlfriends are talking to um I didn't like it when they changed it the first time so I don't really want them to change it again."

Back in October, users boycotted previous redesigns.
Hoping to avoid complaints, the company posted the changes and is inviting feedback.

The site is also moving in a direction where companies can interact with people and capitalize on a captive audience.

Page says, "I like the way the advertising is right now but maybe if they can make it more noticeable but not in an annoying way that would be really good."

Townsend says, "I have sunglasses at home that I bought on Facebook for like half-price I've gotten concert tickets from them so like when there's something I actually want, I click on it, use it cuz it's there, it's there and I'm on facebook almost everyday."