Aaron: Well, there is one event.


Justin: There's one event that happened that we missed.  But now, seeing the movie, I don't think we would've really had it in.  I was very upset at the time.


(Emily laughs and they all look at each other nervously.)


Justin: About a year into shooting...


Aaron: It was Emily's birthday.


Justin: Yeah, it was Emily's birthday.  She was turning 13.  When you're following someone for a year and the process was taking a lot longer than we thought.  I think on both ends there was a tiny bit of friction.  I mean, we'd been following them for a long time, and I'm sure they're getting sick of being filmed.  We're filming way longer than they thought.


Aaron: It was Emily's birthday party, so we thought we'd give her one day without cameras in her face.


Justin: Yeah, we wanted to show up as friends bringing gift and joy and have the cameras off.  Let's just enjoy this moment.  Up until that point, there'd been all this talk of how Emily loved Lord of the Rings, she loved Elijah Wood and randomly at Emily birthday party, Elijah Wood was friends with the person that runs this video store (in Austin, where Emily lives), and so Elijah Wood just randomly shows up at her birthday party.


Emily: He was just in town.