Again, a medical device created to heal ends up harming. In this case such a device is the pain pumps used on patients who have had arthroscopic shoulder surgery. A variety of these shoulder pain pumps' manufacturers reportedly directed doctors to use the pumps in a manner not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In fact, the FDA refused to approve it. Now the result, for many, is ongoing pain. In fact, it may be a lifetime of pain.
If used correctly, and as approved by the FDA, the intra-articular shoulder pain pumps should speed recovery from arthroscopic shoulder surgery, delivering pain-easing medication to the shoulder joint after an arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Manufacturers urge misuse by doctors

But at urgings from the pain pump manufacturers, some doctors have inserted the shoulder pain pumps directly into the shoulder joints after surgery. This manufacturer-directed misuse has been shown to result in postarthroscopic glenhumeral chondrolysis (PAGCL), in which the shoulder's cartilage deteriorates, causing permanent pain and even debilitation.

After this manufacturer-directed misuse of the shoulder pain pump, and the resulting cartilage deterioration, the shoulder's bones for many patients have ground against one another - creating excruciating pain. Many sufferers find it difficult even to sit in a chair, much less sleep, and they face a lifetime of pain. For some, the only correctional treatment is shoulder replacement surgery.

Studies by the American Journal of Sports Medicine and others have confirmed the correlation between manufacturer-directed misuse of shoulder pain pumps and chronic, severe pain in patients.

Shoulder pain pump lawyers help victims fight back

Now patients are fighting back - via lawsuits. Among the defendant manufacturers are I-Flow Corp. and Stryker Corp. Also targeted are makers of the anesthetic used in the pain pumps. The injured patients contend that none of these manufacturers held proper safety studies or warned doctors about the potential hazards of improperly using shoulder pain pumps.

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