Triple digit heat returned Friday for the Metroplex, starting the string of 100 temperatures over again. 

From July 2 to August 10, Dallas saw 40 straight days of temperatures at or above the century mark, not surpassing the summer of 1980 where there were 42 straight days of triple digit temperatures.  The streak was broken Thursday.

There were however six days where Dallas broke record highs during the streak, with the hottest day at 110 degrees.  Dallas set a new record for the all time warmest low temperature at 86 degrees, and that mark was hit three times.

“It was definitely not normal,” said Mark Fox, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

Fox had a pretty simple reason for why this summer was so unusual.

“You`ve got to have a long streak of no rain and a heck of a lot of sunshine.  And we got those both because a high pressure center pretty much got into Central Texas and stayed there,” said Fox.

At The 33 News, we have had our fair share of heat related stories.  We showed you the hottest jobs, like landscapers and firefighters, and the coldest job of distributing ice.  We had streets buckling, tires blowing out and cars getting hot.

The heat took its toll on golfers, farmers, nurseries and our power supply.  Schools changed how football players and band members practiced.  We saw an increase in heat related emergencies and animal control calls.

To keep cool, people needed air conditioners and cooling stations, while the animals at the zoo needed frozen treats.

We showed you brown grass in many people’s yards and green grass at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  There were water restrictions, warnings about water restrictions and no water at all in some places, all while lake levels dropped.

While the streak did not beat 1980, and while the average high was nearly a degree higher in 1980, the average low was 3 1/2 degrees higher this summer compared to 1980.  Overall, that made the summer streak of 2011 a little over one degree warmer compared to 1980.