organization: Dallas VideoFest

date: Sept 27-30

address: DMA 1717 N Harwood Dallas, TX 75201

VideoFest is marking its 25th anniversary this September by returning to its roots, bringing the programming back to the Dallas Museum of Art. Five of the selctions have strong Texas ties. The most-anticipated film has to be Julia Dyer’s John Hawkes-starring, The Playroom, which debuted at Tribeca back in April.

This year is a celebration of 25 years of showcasing great films, filmmakers, providing education, creating an environment that highlights the love of film and showcases Dallas' interest and support of film. We are always appreciative of our supporters as they also have a vision for Dallas and enable us to continue to grow, create and make each year of the VideoFest a unique experience.  This year is going to be our best year yet!

We will also be showcasing Video Art on the exterior of the OMNI on Sept 26th.  And a interesting Video installation at the DMA in the courtyard.  We have some nightly free parties to rsvp for and tickets on sale now.

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