There are growing fears in one Seattle neighborhood after vandals hit a local Jewish Center.  Police say the criminals tagged part of the Jewish Student Center just off the campus at the University of Washington.

  The couple that runs the Center spoke exclusively with Q13 Fox News.

  Rabbi Elie Estrin says the sign outside Chabad at University of Washington was tagged with graffiti the same day the Center was holding a candlelight vigil for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.  Rabbi Estrin doesn't believe the vandalism was a coincidence.

  "It felt a bit ironic in terms of the timing with regards to Chabad being in the media, with regards to people seeing the name Chabad and someone feeling they were going to tag," said Estrin.

  Chabad at UW Director Chaya Estrin first discovered the damage to the sign.  She was concerned it could be a warning for the vigil that was going to place to remember Jews that were shot to death in the Chabad House in Mumbai, India.

  "There's been a lot of talk about heightened security, so seeing it was like oh no, I was like I hope this isn't anything really serious," said Estrin.

  According to Rabbi Estrin the people that were gunned down at the Jewish Center in India were very close to some in the local Jewish community.

  "We know a tremendous amount of people that know each other, as a result, this was very, very personal," said Estrin.

  That's why the vandalism to the Center's sign worried Director Chaya Estrin that someone could be planning something sinister for Chabad at UW.

  "A little bit of the fear factor, just because everything that's been going on, because, the terrorists specifically targeted Jewish Institutions," said Estrin.

  Rabbi Estrin says this is the fourth time vandals have inflicted damage to the sign at Chabad at UW.  But, because of the deadly shootings in Mumbai this latest crime is especially hurtful.

  "Then, obviously that's something, someone is doing specifically for the purpose of spreading hate," said Estrin.

  As of right now Police are investigating this case as property damage, but, it could escalate to a hate crime.  Anyone with information about the people, who damaged the sign, should contact Seattle Police.