The Seattle City Attorney's Office says they are charging a popular UW basketball player with distributing liquor to a minor.

Venoy Overton will appear in court on April 1 facing the gross misdemeanor charge.

Meanwhile the Huskies have suspended Overton from playing in the Pac 10 tournament.  Although, he would be elgible to play in the NCAA tournament if the Huskies win a bid.

Officials say the incident happened last January.  Overton was previously accused of sexual assault by a 16 year old but the charges were later dropped after a thorough investigation found insufficient evidence to support the charges.

Below is the charge:

SMC 12A.24.080  Unlawful furnishing of liquor.

A person is guilty of unlawfully furnishing liquor if he knowingly gives, supplies or furnishes liquor to a person under the age of twenty-one (21) years or permits any person under that age to consume liquor on his premises or on any premises under his control except in the case of liquor given or permitted to be given to a person under the age of twenty-one (21) years by his parent or guardian or administered to him by his physician or dentist for medicinal purposes or used in connection with religious services.


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