The UK military is buying an additional C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft, produced by US manufacturer Boeing, Prime Minister David Cameron said Wednesday.

"This aircraft is becoming an absolutely brilliant workhorse for the RAF [Royal Air Force] in terms of bringing men and material into a war zone like Afghanistan but also evacuating civilians in times of need," he told lawmakers in parliament.

The defense ministry was able to buy the additional C-17 after finding savings in its budget, Cameron said.

Continuing the theme of military hardware, Cameron reiterated that the Eurofighter consortium had not yet lost the contract to supply the Indian Air Force with 126 fighter jets, even though the country gave the nod toFrance'sDassault Aviation as the lowest bidder last week.

The Eurofighter consortium is made up of the UK's BAE Systems,Italy's Finmeccanica and the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co.

"I'm very disappointed by what has happened in India, but Eurofighter is not out of the contest, and we need to re-engage as hard as we can to make sure that we get the best deal for all those workers in Britain who make Eurofighters," he said.

And asked about reports that BAE Systems is considering closing its historic dockyard in Portsmouth, on the southern coast of England, putting some 1,500 jobs at risk, Cameron said he was not aware that the company had made any decisions.

"BAE systems has not approached the government with any proposal to rationalize shipbuilding in the UK," he said.

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