Damon Brown, a Seattle married father of two, got desperate for a kidney donor when doctors told him in July that his kidneys were failing.  So he turned to Facebook.

“I really kind of put myself out there, saying I needed a transplant, was going through renal failure and, um, I’m really a private person so it took a lot to do it,” he said.

Five months later, Brown’s risk is paying off.   A mutual friend saw the postings on Brown’s page and went to the hospital to get tested.

“The kidney center called me and said, ‘Hey, it looks like you might be getting a kidney here,’” Brown said. “So they let me know on Monday that I was actually on the surgery schedule.  We both have operating rooms and we’re ready to go.”

Brown’s wife, Bethany, said she sees it as a Christmas miracle.

“It's been hard,” Bethany Brown said, “and finding out that it would happen at this time of year, I mean it was absolutely perfect. I'm literally still speechless about the whole thing. "

“I don't even care about presents … this is the best present we could ever ask for,” she added.

Brown is scheduled to undergo kidney transplant surgery in early January.

"Words can't even explain how I feel,” Damon Brown said. “It was a big decision (on the donor’s part) so I'm thankful she's doing it … best gift ever.”

In Florida, a 28-year-old woman went online on craigslist in July also looking for a kidney; a 23-year-old woman stepped in to help. The surgery was successful.