The number of products being pulled off the shelves because of possible contamination with the toxic chemical melamine continues to grow.

The Food and Drug Administration recalled Mr. Brown coffee products in the U.S., Taiwan pulled Nestle milk powders off the shelves and Cadbury is taking back eleven types of Chinese-made chocolates.

While nearly a dozen products have been recalled by the F.D.A. because of melamine contamination, some stores across the country have been slow to pull them.

So the F.D.A. is doing sweeps in asian markets looking for contaminated milk products. They've already visited some stores in Seattle looking for the tainted food, and they're pulling more Chinese-made products for testing.

Inside popular asian market Uwajimaya there are signs up on shelves and on cash registers letting customers know they've pulled products that might be tainted. They are now sitting in boxes waiting to be shipped back to the vendor. Store Director Hiroshi Hibi says they've gotten rid of snacks, baked goods and drinks, "White Rabbit candy, Lotte Koala's March, drinks that have anything to do with tainted milk possibly from China."

Hibi says they are trying to be proactive following recalls not just from the F.D.A. and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but from other countries as well. "We're using credible sources from Asia and as soon as we find out what those products are we are immediately pulling them off the shelves to make sure our customers are kept safe," says Hibi.

Q13 Fox News looked in several stores in the International District and couldn't find products recalled by the F.D.A. on the shelves, but that doesn't mean people don't have the products at home.

Says watchdog blogger Eddie Gehrman of Haphazard Gourmet, "I always tell people, read your labels and really read your labels!"

If it's made in China, and has dairy in it, experts say for now, even if it isn't recalled here, you should probably just throw it out.

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