Mr. "Anti Stadium" himself said the proposed $490 million Sonics arena might be an OK proposal after all. 

Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata said it "seems like a better deal" than either Safeco Field or Century Link Field. Licata stopped short of endorsing the plan, which he said still needs to answer some hard questions about traffic, among other things. But he doesn’t rule out voting for the deal. 

The fact that one of the most notable voices against recent stadium deals is looking favorably on this one is a good, early sign for arena proponents.

Licata said the fact that the financing plan includes only arena-related revenues is a big plus. Safeco and Century Link used other sources for financing, including taxes on hotels/motels, rental cars and restaurants.

Mike McGinn and Dow Constantine are asking for up to $200 million in public bonds to help finance the package. The bonds would be repaid from rent paid by the tenants and taxes from arena-related sales (admissions, B&O and sales taxes).

Hardly anyone is talking about a public vote, which did happen with the other two deals (with Safeco, of course, going down to defeat, only to be resurrected by the State Legislature). Licata said he just doesn’t see a groundswell for that among his colleagues.