Lara joined Q13 FOX News in October of 2006.

After 16 years in the business she's back in the Pacific Northwest where her career began. Lara started at KEZI in Eugene, Oregon while she was still working her way through journalism school at the University of Oregon.

She remembers running scripts for anchors and pulling "miles of cables" for live events before eventually taking on every job in production including Director, Technical Director, Graphics Animator, Editor and Producer.

Lara worked at KITV and KGMB in Honolulu, Hawaii, earning two journalism awards for her reports on business and the economy.

She also worked at ABC22 in Burlington, Vermont where she traveled across New England and Montreal, Canada. There, she uncovered an FBI suspected terror cell in a small neighborhood.

Next, she landed a job at FOX9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, anchoring several shows and launching FOX9's 2-hour weekend morning newscast. She also remembers reporting live as tornadoes ripped through the area, temperatures dropped to 30-below, and floods devastated outlying areas. She takes pride in a wide range of investigative reports from uncovering a crooked moving company, to a scam artist targeting senior citizens and several animal cruelty cases.

Here in Seattle, Lara immediately launched into live reports on the floods and windstorms of 2006 as well as special reports on sex offenders in our area.

Her ongoing special series on Fort Lewis soldiers, From The Front Line, has won an Emmy nomination and her weekly Wellness Report continues to grow on-air and online.

Lara and her husband love sports, the outdoors and great food---so you can see why they are thrilled to be back in the Pacific Northwest!

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