Powerful Storm Lashing Cuba

 The National Hurricane Center in Miami says
powerful Hurricane Ike has roared ashore in eastern Cuba.
      The center said Ike slammed into Cuba's Holguin province at 9:45
p.m. EDT Sunday as a dangerous Category 3 storm.
      Meteorologist Todd Kimberlain says Ike is now walloping
easternmost Cuba with winds close to 125 mph. He says it is moving
mostly on a westward course and could rake Cuba over the length of
the central portion of the island in coming hours.
      He says the storm is expected to re-emerge sometime Tuesday over
the Caribbean island's western coast before taking aim next at the
Gulf of Mexico.
      Forecasters are urging coastal dwellers all along the Gulf from
Florida to Mexico to be watching as Ike takes an uncertain path.
    Earlier, the storm tore apart houses, wiped out crops and worsened floods in Haiti that have already killed more than 300 people.
    Several volunteers from the Seattle area are on  standby, waiting to hear if they'll be deployed to help if Ike strikes the United States.
     With Ike forecast to sweep across Cuba and possibly hit Havana
head-on, hundreds of thousands of Cubans evacuated to shelters or
higher ground. To the north, residents of the Florida Keys fled up