Four people died while coming down the southern slope of the mountain during the weekend after reaching Mount Everest's 8848-meter (29,028 foot) summit, officials said.

Among those helping prevent any more from dying, is Jon Kedrowski. Kedrowski is an Associate Professor of Geography at Central Washington University who was near the summit at the time of of the incident, and, according to his blog, offered aid to the climbers:

"Jon confirmed 5 deaths and some folks still missing.  Jon assisted with four of the attempted rescues near the summit.  The 1996 disaster claimed 8 lives during the main summit window when bad weather moved in. 

Jon said there was a 2 hour wait at one of the main chokepoints near the summit.  High winds moved in an trapped folks who were ascending and descending.  Some folks had already been climbing for 18-hours or more.  The climbers Jon assisted were disoriented, frostbitten, sick, and totally exhausted."

The total of five dead listed on the blog exceeds that reported by CNN and other outlets. The blog also said that Kredowski has returned to base camp where he is recovering, and is considering another summit attempt May 25/26.