Citizen's meeting held Tuesday night on Camano Island.

Neighbors there say he's a menace to their community. Law Enforcement believes he's responsible for dozens of burglaries and thefts. That's why people gathered at a meeting at Elger Bay Elementary School on the Island tonight with local "bounty hunters" to find ways to capture Colton Harris-Moore.

Months of frustration came flooding out tonight at the meeting. Neighbors like Paul Easter are now turning to recovery specialists, or "bounty hunters" to capture the "Barefoot Bandit" once and for all. "I think it's a good idea what they heck might as well try it they probably have more time to commit looking for him or researching than police," said Easter.

Time is exactly what bounty hunter Ray Wilson says they have to start tracking down Harris-Moore. "We're focusing on this case, so, that's what we plan on doing and I'll tell you one thing we won't quit until it's done," said Wilson.

Mike Rocha with Everett's 'All City Bail Bonds' says he decided to search for Colton after a local blogger reached out to him for help. "So, we're going to ask them for any history that they have his friends, acquaintances, anybody that can help put this puzzle together," said Rocha.

Harris-Moore is accused of dozens of burglaries at Island homes and businesses, perhaps even the thefts of airplanes and a car. The Island County Sheriff's Department also thinks he ripped off two boats last month.

Paul Easter says he doesn't buy Harris-Moore's image as some kind of hero outlaw. "I think it's kind of pathetic I think that what he's doing shouldn't be glorified," said Easter.

Rocha believes Harris-Moore is desperate and could be getting help from friends or family. "If he continues on this rampage and hurts somebody in the process anybody that's helping him is going to be complicated in a bigger crime," said Rocha.

Rocha says whatever information his crew finds on Harris-Moore will go straight to the Sheriff's Department. And, Ray Wilson says he's confident the bounty hunters are just the guys to find the fugitive. "There is an old saying you can run but you can't hide and one thing we don't do is give up. So, we're going to put closure to this one way or another," said Wilson.

Right now a $6,500 reward is being offered for information leading to the capture of Colton. Plans are in the works to have another community meeting with the bounty hunters later this month on Orcas Island.

Tuesday night's meeting comes about a week after the San Juan County Sheriff's Office thinks they may have pictures of Colton Harris-Moore.

Deputies released a series of photographs taken by security cameras at Spencer's Landing Marina on Lopez Island on May 15th.

The surveillance pictures show a young man walking along a dock at around 1:40 a.m. They believe he is Colton Harris Moore.

The following morning on May 16th, a boat owner reported his sport fishing boat missing from a small private marina.

While taking the report, the U.S. Coast Guard located the abandoned vessel floating off Camano Island.

This incident is being investigated as another possible criminal event involving Harris-Moore.

Authorities across western Washington have been hoping to catch the alleged bandit since his escape from a halfway house in April 2008.

Last fall, after a stolen small plane crash-landed at an airport, Harris-Moore was caught on surveillance video breaking into a grocery store. A hardware store, bar, coffee-shop and bank were also hit at that time.

A few weeks later, a Cessna was stolen from a rural airport in Idaho and crash-landed near Granite Falls, Wash., when it ran out of fuel.

Colton Harris-Moore is not officially being named a suspect in these most recent cases. He is believed to be connected to several home and business burglaries since his disappearance in 2008. Harris-Moore is also believed to have stolen several cars, boats, and three small airplanes.

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