It's the single biggest one-day sporting event of the sports gambling year, the annual NFL Super Bowl. In 2009, for Super Bowl XLIII, experts say that close to $10-billion was wagered by over 200-million individuals all over the world. According to R.J. Bell (, more than half of adult Americans will make some type of wager on the Super Bowl game.

Most sports handicappers list the Indianapolis Colts as favorites to win Super Bowl XLIV. The majority of betting lines currently have the Colts anywhere from 4 ½ to 5 ½ point favorites over the New Orleans Saints for Sunday's game at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.

For Colts fans, that might not be great news. Underdogs have covered in 6 of the last 8 Super Bowls and 3 of those (NY Giants in SB XLII, Tampa Bay Buccaneers in SB XXXVII and New England Patriots in SB XXXVI) have won the game, outright.

It's no surprise that many sports books are predicting a high-scoring game in Super Bowl XLIV. The total points by both teams (commonly referred to as the "over/under") is around 57-points. For the individual team scoring, 32 would be the total for Indianapolis and 25 for New Orleans.

Betting lines exist from the opening kickoff until the end of the game and beyond. If you think that you can guess which team will receive the opening kickoff, who will get the first 1st down, the first penalty, the first turnover, the first to cross midfield, get the first 3rd down conversion, make the first field goal, miss the first field goal, punt first, attempt a 4th down conversion... it's all there to choose from.

From individual statistics and honors, team and game totals to players and coaching decisions... you can 'bet' that there is a proposition listing the odds for it happening in Super Bowl XLIV.

"Every year our site gets flooded with interest in the NFL's biggest game," stated spokesman Reed Richards.

But you don't have to predict the final outcome, scoring, or anything to do with the actual playing of the game, to participate with a Super Bowl XLIV wager. Everything from the halftime show to the players and fans behavior can be gambled on for the big game.

Which Super Bowl player most likely to be fined following Super Bowl XLIV for making an on-field gesture? The Saints Jeremy Shockey is the favorite at 3 to 1. Joseph Addai would be considered a 'long shot" at 12 to 1.

Which NFL player is most likely to be arrested following the Super Bowl? That would be Colts' former wide receiver, Tajiddin Smith who, along with Rey Maualuga and Jonathon Vilma, all are at 5 to 1.

It's doubtful than anyone playing will 'drop trou' and moon the crowd at Sun Life Stadium, but if you think so you can get 10 to 1 odds of it happening.

If you think a member of The Who will light a joint during the SB XLIV halftime performance it will pay 10 to 1, but only 3 to 2 if one of the performers opens up a beer.

All those 'wacky wagers' can be found on

Other web sites offer their share of strange Super Bowl bets as well.

On, odds are currently listed as "Even" that Carrie Underwood's version of the National Anthem will last longer than 1 minute and 42 seconds. If you think it will take the former America Idol winner less than 1:42 to sing, it won't pay as well (for every $13 bet, you can win only $10).

What about live television shots of famous people in attendance at Super Bowl XLIV? With his son playing for the Colts, and as a former member of the New Orleans Saints, Archie Manning is expected to receive his share of air time. The over/under for how many times CBS shows a live shot of Archie Manning is at 3. Eli Manning is at 2 ½ and Tony Dungy is 1 ½. Kim Kardashian (reality television star who dates Reggie Bush) is listed at 2 ½ for how many times the CBS cameras will show her during the broadcast. (Despite being known mostly for the size of her derriere, you can bet on what color top Kardashian will be wearing at the game to cheer on her famous boyfriend. "White" is the favorite option, thus far).

Reed Richards, from, estimates that there should be 'between 475 and 550 propositions' total for this year's Super Bowl.

And some of those betting lines can be costly to the sports books and casinos when they hit. One of the more expensive payouts occurred the last time the Indianapolis Colts were in the Super Bowl. In Super Bowl XLI, a proposition offering odds on whether Devin Hester would return the opening kickoff for a touchdown actually hit when the Bears return specialist raced 92-yards for a score to begin the game. Richards said the average loss was between '$30,000 - $50,000' for the Hester touchdown.

Super Bowl XLIV is on Sunday, February 7, 2010.