The total time between reception and toss was just about two seconds.

Joseph Addai's quarterback life flashed before his eyes a few times in that moment.

"You always here ( Colts' offensive coordinator) Tom Moore saying Its our ball or nobody's ball. Peyton kinda throws it to where the defender can't get it," said the running back, who found himself in an ackward spot when the fourth quarter began Sunday.

Like a usual stretch play, Addai took the pitch from Peyton Manning. Instead of tucking the football, however, pivoted, but the ball into his left hand, and cranked back.

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"My rookie year I almost threw an interception, I was just thinking that 'Don't throw the interception'," said the running back as he looked toward the south endzone of Lucas Oil Stadium. "Throw it over him or make it go out of bounds."

That's what Addai did, lofting the ball towards the corner, left to watch instead of create as he usually does.

"It seemed like it was up there forever," said Wayne, who sprinted after the toss. "Plus he's a left-hander, so the ball was spinning the opposite way."

Luckily for Addai-and the Colts-Wayne did what he does for a living.

"Reggie Wayne made me a believer," said the running back, as he watched a diving Wayne snag the 22 yard touchdown pass for the go ahead score for the Colts.

For one day, at least, it was Addai 1, Manning 0.

"I'll get a better look on film, I kinda rolled out the other way," said the All-Pro quarterback on Addai's throw, who finished without a throwing touchdown on Sunday. "It certainly was a great call and great execution by Joe."

For the effort, Addai picked up his first throwing touchdown of his career, but more importantly put the Colts ahead for the first time all day and to stay, as the seven points helped the Colts to a four point win over San Francisco.

"That's something we've been practicing for years," said Wayne of the halfback option. "We never actually have the chance to do it, but it came to light today."

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A hint might have been given in the team's final preparations for the 49ers on Friday, when Addai says the offense practiced the play during drills at their 56th Street complex.

"In practice I'm spotting up and kinda looking and reading my keys, I don't really have a key to read," said Addai when getting ready for the play this week. "I kinda sat back like a real quarterback."

Truth be told, Addai was a signal caller back at Sharpstown High School in Houston, TX, throwing for 425 yards as a dual-threat quarterback. His success netted him All-American honors from both Fox Sports and ESPN, which opened the door for him to play at LSU and eventually in Indianapolis.

But in order to be a quarterback again, Addai had to suppress his past instincts.

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"Peyton was talking about it in practice, 'We've got to get a good stretch, get a good stretch', because I was kinda pulling up," said Addai, who didn't pull up till the last minute to throw. "Everybody bit, and Reggie was open."

So now that he's 1-for-1 this season as a quarterback, could Colts fans consider this a regular gimmick?

"I get paid to run the ball," said Addai-who rushed for 62 yards on 20 carries. "You wanna win the games, they got me here to run the ball."