For the second consecutive game, the Pacers overcame a huge second quarter deficit to win a game. Monday the Pacers trailed by 23 points against the Raptors and came back to win 105-101.

Wednesday, the Suns led by 24 points in the second quarter, but the Pacers rallied back, had the score tied at 91 after three quarters and beat Phoenix 122-114.

"Honestly I don't ever think we're out of the game, especially since we came back from down 23 the night before. I just knew we had to start making some shots and getting some stops and luckily that third quarter was big for us," said Danny Granger who led the Pacers with 33 points.

Mike Dunleavy added 30 while Earl Watson added 14 points. Indysportsnation's Jeremiah Johnson offered a live-blog during the game, here are his observations from Conseco Fieldhouse.

Initial Thoughts:

I was really looking forward to checking out the Suns. I always look at the roster prior to the start of a game to see how many players are "older" than I am. For this one, the Pacers have one (Inactive Jeff Foster) the Phoenix has two. Good to see a couple of veteran superstars still shining for the SunsÂ… Grant Hill is in his 15th NBA season, seems like just yesterday he was throwing down that alley oop dunk in the Final Four for Duke. (perhaps it was just yesterday that I saw the highlight replayed)

The Suns are led by 13th year guard Steve Nash. He still running the league's highest scoring offense (109.8 ppg) and doesn't seem to have slowed down over the years. He scored 30 points in two of Phoenix's last four games, including Tuesday's victory against Milwaukee. I'm interested to see how rookie A.J. Price fairs when matched up against someone such an established star.

First Quarter: Suns 35 Pacers 24

New Starting Lineup Pacers Coach Jim O'Brien surprised most people, including a trio of writers assembled in the media room prior to the game by his starting lineup selection. Roy Hibbert absolutely shined against Dwight Howard 8 days ago, but he's sitting at the start when the Pacers face another dominant big man, Amar'e Stoudemire. I think Hibbert's trouble defending the pick and roll (one of Phoenix's specialties) is a big reason for this. The Pacers decided to start small, and inserted Tyler Hansbrough in the starting lineup. I'm not surprised that the first-round draft pick is getting a chance to start, only that it is happening now, during his second game back from a serious inner ear infection.

One way to slow down the Suns The decision to keep Hibbert on the bench at the start of the game was likely a move to keep the Nash/Stoudemire combination from going to crazy early. However, the Pacers found another way to keep the Suns down, get the dynamic duo out the lineup. Midway through the first quarter Steve Nash took an inadvertant elbow to the face and had a very bloody nose/mouth. He exited for the locker room. Stoudemire picked up a couple of quick fouls andwas relegated to the bench with a little over three minutes to play in the first quarter as well.

I'm surprised, however, that with the first Pacers big man off the bench was Solomon Jones. Roy Hibbert is the Pacers most effective low-post scorer and I would think he shoud see action sooner rather than later.

Second Quarter: Suns 68 Pacers 52

Who Needs Nash? I think Steve Nash is a big reason for Phoenix's success over the years. However, Phoenix showed during the second quarter that they don't need Nash to light up the scoreboard. While he was in the locker room getting seven stitches in and around his mouth, his teammates were having no trouble with the Pacers defense. The Phoenix pick and roll worked with someone else running the show as the Suns got a variety of open looks from outside the three-point arc. At halftime Phoenix was shooting five-for-nine from three-point range.

Welcome Back Dahntay Dahntay Jones had DNP next to his name in Monday's box score. Jim O'Brien said afterwards he was trying to get more shooters on the court. With more players healthy apparently Dahntay was the odd man out. I tend to think Jones has been one of the teams' bright spots this season and is not someone you want to relegate to DNP status. With Phoenix scoring at will, O'Brien decided to get Dahntay some minutes.

Jones entered the game at teh 9:30 mark of the second quarter. He seemed to play an inspired brand of basketball, stayed in the remainder of the first half and finished the quarter with four points and three rebounds.

A Hand for Hibbert Roy Hibbert also made his first appearance of the game at the 8:30 mark of the second quarter, the crowd gave him a nice cheer when Reb Porter announced his name. I still don't understand why you wait that long for Roy to get into the flow of the game. He immediately made his presence felt scoring a couple of bucket inside. Even if Roy has problems defending the pick and roll, I think you have to let him play through them and gain experience so he can help you down the road. The Pacers are trying to win games now, but they should be thinking big picture as well.

Kick Save, Not a Beauty Reggie Miller was known for sticking a leg out when shooting a three-point shot and drawing a foul. Perhaps Danny Granger has been watching too many Miller Moments. When coming down for a rebound he was called for an offensive foul as he kicked out one of this legs. There was really nothing to be gained or lost and I'm not 100% contact was even made. However, the foul was Granger's third of the first half forcing him to go to the bench.

Lucky for the Pacers, Indiana's other three-point marksman, Troy Murphy was on the court in the final moments of the first half. Murphy's three just before the halftime horn got the Pacers to within 16 poubts, not a desirable spot, but not an impossible comeback either.

Third Quarter: Suns 91 Pacers 91

Mike Dunleavy = Robbie Hummel Ok, so the Purdue Junior has a long ways to go before he is a top-three pick in the NBA Draft, however, Wednesday, Mike Dunleavy did his best Robbie Hummel impersonation. Tuesday night, Hummel scored 29 points in the first half of the Boilers game against Ohio State. Dunleavy started the third quarter hitting a variety of jumpers and free throws, finished the quarter with 18 points and a team-high 25 through three. A couple weeks ago it looked like Dunleavy had lost his legs and hit the wall. He appears to be getting back into rythym which will go a long way towards making the Pacers a successful team.

While it certainly appeared as though Dunleavy was "on fire" he downplayed the performance a bit in the locker room after the game. "I made some shots, but they really didn't feel that good, no more than some other ones I missed, the ball just seemed to go in. I'm not really shooting the ball well, it will come, I just have to keep working at it," said Dunleavy.

The Best Lineup The Pacers played the middle of the third quarter with what I think is their IDEAL starting five. Earl Watson, Mike Dunleavy, Danny Granger, Troy Murphy, and Roy Hibbert. Wednesday night Jim O'Brien started his 15th different lineup but is is clear to me with everyone healthy, this is their most talented group. T.J. Ford has fallen out of favor so Watson is clearly the point guard for the rest of the season. While this combination has yet to start a game this season, I think you'll see this group starting in the VERY near future if those five guys can stay healthy.

Give Credit to those guys, for playing hard for extended minutes in the third quarter and getting the Pacers back into the game. Phoenix didn't play poorly, the Pacers just played extremely well. When you are faced with a 24-point second quarter deficit against one of the Western Conference's playoff contendors, all you can ask for is a chance. The Watson/Dunleavy/Granger/Murphy/Hibbert unit is a big reason the Pacers had a chance to win this game.

Granger Heating Up: Danny Granger started the game connecting on five of his first 15 field goal attempts. However, Granger is a scorer, and he found his touch late in the third quarter hitting two huge threes, the second of which gave the Pacers their first lead since 3-2. Despite a horrible start, the Pacers were all tied up entering the final 12 minutes.

Fourth Quarter: Pacers 122 Suns 114

He's on Fire: When Danny Granger hit those two three pointers at the end of the third quarter, I had a feeling he would have a strong fourth quarter. That is EXACTLY what happened. Granger finished with 33 points, his sixth game this season over 30. He was the go-to guy that the Pacers sorely lacked when he missed 16 games with a foot injury. There have been some rumors recently of teams inquiring about Granger's availability on the trade market. I think you'll see #33 play his entire career in Indianapolis and believe he IS the kind of player you can build a team around.

Nash is a Machine: While fans at Conseco didn't get to see much of Steve Nash in the first half due to the seven stitches he needed, the 13th year pro put on a show in the second half. He finished with 20 points and 9 assists. I get to watch most of the Pacers' home games from the best seats in the house, but never take for granted the opportunity to see a player like Nash work his craft.

Dynamic Duo It has been quite some time since both Danny Granger and Mike Dunleavy have both been healthy at the same time. While neither is 100 percent just yet, fans got a glimpse of what can happen when they are. Danny and Dunleavy combined for 63 points, if that happens, there is a good chance the Pacers will win.

"When we're out there on the court over the last couple of years, we've figured out a way to play together. We understand each other offensively, hopefully we can keep playing that way the rest of the season because it's tough to guard," commented Dunleavy. While we must caution, this was JUST one game, it likely was the kind of performance by the Pacers dynamic duo that Larry Bird has been hoping to see for a few years now.