In a week where the Colts play spectators, the alarm clocks take on some extra meaning.

"I'm not really a morning guy," said defensive end Robert Mathis, but he's becoming one this week.

As one of the major changes during this week off for the Colts, thanks to their earning one of two first round byes in the AFC Playoffs, head coach Jim Caldwell has moved workouts to the mornings over next week.

"It takes a minute for me to get going, but once I'm going, I'm all right," said Mathis about the change in schedule.

Before the Colts usually practice early in the afternoon, with Friday workouts taking place in the morning.

"It's better than being here all day," said linebacker Clint Session. "So I'm a big fan of it."

Not only the time a change, but according to Caldwell, so is the philosophy of the sessions as well.

"We'll do a little bit more individual work. We"ll work on our fundamentals and technique," said Caldwell of the workouts. "Oftentimes, during the course of the season, as the regular season goes on, you scale back a bit on your individual work. We could work on that (individual work) a little bit more at length and get back to those fundamentals."

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Collie Shut Out

Most of the award attention surrounding the Colts would concern Manning with the league MVP and Caldwell for coach of the season.

But at the very least, Austin Collie was expected to make some noise in the rookie of the year category after making 60 catches for 676 yards and seven touchdowns filling in for injured starter Anthony Gonzalez. In end, however, he didn't even get a vote.

With his exploits as a receiver and kick return, Minnesota's Percy Harvin was the overwhelming pick by the Associated Press for the best first year offensive player in the NFL, garnering 41 of the 50 votes from writers around the country.

Baltimore offensive lineman Michael Oher got six votes, while Philadelphia wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, Denver running back Knowshon Moreno, and Pittsburgh receiver Mike Wallace each got a vote.

"Those things come and it's great when they do happen," said Caldwell on Collie's Rookie of the Year consideration. "But it still doesn't diminish what he was able to do for us throughout the year. He continues to get better and has a huge upside."

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A Changing Of The Guard

The winner for most unique look during the bye week was Freddie Keiaho.

He walked into practice on Thursday sporting a brand new mohawk, saying to a reporter that it was a "Quantum Shift" that the coach asked each player to make.

"He has a very unique identity, and how he takes different phrases kinda depends," said Caldwell of his linebacker.

The coach, however, failed to elaborate.

"I'm certainly not going to go into quantum shift but nevertheless, how they take certain comments is kinda up to them but I think his (Keiaho) is pretty interesting," said Caldwell.

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Stat of the Week-9th

Where the Colts scoring defense ended up finishing in the NFL this season (19.2 Points Per Game) after leading that category for most of the season.