In a season where the chaos theory can be duly applied early and often, there was a bit of calm as the clock ticked down on Sunday afternoon.

Consistency, you see, was about to trot on the field.

When Peyton Manning signaled timeout with three seconds to play in a tie game, the Colts' "Rock" for 2010 started to trot on the field.

In an unpredictable season, Adam Vinatieri is as close to automatic as the Colts can get.

"Forty-three, inside, with no conditions, just put it online and it will go," confidently boasted Vinatieri when discussing that kick with just a few ticks on the clock.

True to word, the boot sailed through, the Colts had a 23-20 victory that was more for seeding and less for a playoff berth thanks to an inconsistent Jaguars team.

For Vinatieri, however, its all those things plus a small bit of redemption.

"I try to get rid of all the other external things that don't make any difference and just concentrate on the kick itself," said Vinatieri, who completed another solid game in one of his most solid seasons as a pro.

That 43-yard was one of three he connected of for over 40 yards against the Titans to complete a perfect day of kicking. It also added to his near perfect season, one in which he connected on 26-of-28 kicks, missing only once from between 30 and 39 yards and once from 40 to 49 yards.

He was 8-for-8 on kicks between 20 to 29 yards and finished making 92.8 percent of his kicks for the season, the second highest of Vinatieri's career.

This comes after a knee injury cut his season to just six regular season games last year and left him on the outside looking in during the run to Super Bowl XLIV.

"You just go out there and concentrate on my job. I have to give props to the ten guys up in front of me," said Vinatieri of his kicks this season, including the game-winner Sunday. "They have done a great job all year blocking for me and Justin (Snow) and Pat (McAfee) have done a great job of making my job easier too."

It really helped the Colts on Sunday when their offense got stalled near the redzone early in Sunday's game. Promising drives died just before the Colts got inside the Titans' 20-yard line, but Vinatieri turned them into points with kicks of 48 and 44 yards respectively.

"We certainly feel like we want to be better in the red zone and don't like having to settle for field goals early in the game, but when called upon that is what he does," said quarterback Peyton Manning of Vinatieri. "We certainly felt real good about that, but you don't take him for granted. I certainly don't.

"That was a clutch kick there at the end to win the game."

It was the 23rd of Vinatieri's long career but just his fifth in a Colts uniform and it was a long time coming. Not since his 51-yarder on November 23, 2008 against San Diego as time expired had Vinatieri tried and made a kick to win a game.

By regular season's end, however, the kicker was quick to salute the offense for overcoming a bevy of injuries to still qualify for the postseason.

"We have a lot of veteran leadership out there that is showing the young guys and the young guys you can't say enough about them. They done great, they have stepped in great and have done an awesome job," said Vinatieri.  "Whenever you can win the division and make the playoffs you never take that lightly for sure.

"it is difficult every single year and maybe a little more difficult this year."