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'Homeland' recap: 'Imminent Risk' showcases Dar's dark side

'Homeland' recap: 'Imminent Risk' showcases Dar's dark side

"Homeland" left us with many questions as it reached the midway point of its season last week. Is Carrie going to end up back with the CIA? Is Saul being pushed out? Will Keane adopt a more hawkish personality as she enters the White House? Where is Quinn? Why does German intelligence want him in their custody?

As the second half kicks off, some of those questions begin to be addressed. Quinn is in the middle of nowhere, according to Astrid. She tells him that she's taken him to a hospital and that he was sedated, but offers no further detail as to his health, or why she nabbed him.

At Carrie's house, Max installs a security system and offers to stand guard at...