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Wedded: Jayne Urban and Jeremiah Albright
Wedded: Jayne Urban and Jeremiah Albright

Date: Aug. 2 Her story: Jayne Urban, 32, grew up in Cedar Springs, Mich. She was transferred to Baltimore for work in the fall of 2009 and is a key account manager at R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Her parents, Tona and Jerry Urban , live in Cedar Springs. His story: Jeremiah Albright, 34, grew up in Aberdeen. He is a vice president of corporate banking for First National Bank in Baltimore. His father, Paul Albright, died in 1998. His mother, Carman Albright, died of cancer in 2008. Their story: The couple met in late June 2010. Jayne was walking home one night and stopped to introduce herself to Jeremiah, who was sitting in front of his home with his dog, Charlie. They lived five houses...