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NO REGRETS; When tennis star Pam Shriver met the man of her dreams, it didn't matter that he had cancer -- or that their time together might be tragically short.

Baltimore tennis star Pam Shriver has chartered a small sailboat for Dec. 5. On that day, her husband's birthday and the date of their first wedding anniversary, she and a handful of their closest friends will sail out three miles from the shoreline and scatter his ashes over the waters of the Pacific.

Joe Shapiro died on Sept. 23 at age 52 of complications related to cancer, nine months after he married Pam in a celebrity-filled wedding in Palm Springs, Calif. Pam had known, of course, that her fiance had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system, in 1994. The cancer was in remission when the two started to date, but they both realized it was...