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Affordable Care Act

ACA 'repair' is really a repeal

ACA 'repair' is really a repeal

Thirty-one years ago when I was 26 years old with two young toddlers and an infant, freshly divorced and removed from my ex-husband's job-related health care insurance, my doctor told me that a PAP smear indicated pre-cancer cells. He offered me a deal: Pay $500, and he'd treat the offending cells. All I had to do was scare up the cash —a small fortune for a newly-minted single parent. When I mentioned this to my brother, a physician, he was incredulous. Who would pay the hospital costs? The cost of medicines? Or the other fees he listed that I had no idea about?

Although I never returned to that doctor with $500 cash in hand, I did get the needed treatment, thanks to my brother's...